About Us

Heitiki Droughtmasters have been operating as a cattle business since the early 1970s.

In 1980 several breed classifiers visited and selected a line of Heitiki breed Droughtmaster heifers to register as D1 females and so the stud journey began for the Lloyd Family.

John, Margaret and their son Tim run the business and today it includes a herd of in excess of 200 registered breeders.

40 Droughtmaster bulls are sold annually to a growing market spreading over a wide area encompassing Broken Hill to Grafton the southern highlands to McKay.

Likewise Heitiki Droughtmaster Females are sort after when offered and have been purchased by stud and commercial breeders up and down eastern Australia and into export markets at New Caledonia and Mexico.

The Breeding objectives are to supply the cattle industry with cattle that offer “efficient production, Low risk, high market acceptance and Maximum returns”

“We love what we do and it has to make a profit for our clients with a highly attractive product for their market”

Heitiki cattle are renowned for their early maturity and efficient muscle production.

Most new clients have a determination to cross breed and find the Locally bred Droughtmaster as a safe option to meet their existing markets plus a good option to eliminate their existing problems.

Their second purchase is selected with far less concern as the first calving always offers a calf crop with little tail good growth rate and an ease of achieving the expected market specifications. The thick muscled shiny coated calves look good, weigh very well and are sort after.

Every one respects a Droughtmaster female and the eye catching progeny!

The Lloyd family have promoted their brand extensively through the local, regional and royal shows over the years. The highest honour would have to be the Grand champion Female at the ‘Beef 2015’ in Rockhampton with Heitiki Gretel and calf.

We regularly sell at the National sale in Rockhampton and in 2016 Heitiki Indigo was sold for a sale second top price of $38,000.

Droughtmaster cattle breeding is our passion and our business. We enjoy offering our new and return clients a herd improving product that will value add their business and they too will enjoy the process of breeding with Droughtmasters!

All the best, Tim Lloyd